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Guidelines for Centre Users

1. Interpretation

1.1. 'User' shall mean any person coming onto the premises of Huntingdon Tennis Club.

1.2. 'The Tennis Club' shall mean the grounds, facilities and equipment.

1.3. 'The Committee' shall mean the Management Committee of Huntingdon Tennis Club.

1.4. 'The Staff' shall mean the Manager of the Tennis Centre and any other person employed by the Management Committee. 'Centre Manager' shall mean the Manager or their delegated representative.

1.5. An 'Adult' is an individual over 18 years of age.

2. Use of the Tennis Club

2.1 The Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or costs incurred during attendance upon the Tennis Club and its environs.

2.2 Any use of the Tennis Club in any capacity is made subject to the user conforming to these regulations.

2.3 The right to refuse admission to the Tennis Club is reserved by the Committee and the staff.

3. Charges and Receipts

3.1 Charges are those laid down by the Committee and payable on arrival or in advance excepting special bookings where payment is made upon demand.

3.2 Any receipt issued shall be retained and produced upon demand by the staff.

4. Cancellation Charges

4.1 Individual Bookings - Failure to attend a pre-booked activity will result in normal charges being applied.

4.2 Cancellation of Season, Block Bookings, Single Advance Bookings eg for a tournament - Notice of cancellation shall be made in writing 28 days prior to the booking otherwise the full charge is liable. Cancellation notice in accordance with terms and conditions on booking forms.

4.3 Users may be refused further bookings until such payments have been made.

5. Young Persons

A responsible Adult must accompany any person under 8 years of age for any visit to the Tennis Club during public sessions.

6. Use of Facilities

6.1 Any booking should be paid in accordance with sections 3 & 4

6.2 Correct footwear must be worn and appropriate clothing is required for all activities, t-shirts must be worn at all times.

6.3 Times of any booked period include any setting up and clearing away of equipment as required.

6.4 Users should in no way infringe upon the playing areas of other users and are asked to have due regard for the enjoyment of others.

7. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the Tennis Club, its grounds, facilities and environs.

8. Food and Drink

8.1 Food and drink may not be brought into the Tennis Centre unless the Centre Manager in special or appropriate circumstances has given prior permission.

8.2 Consumption of food and drink is restricted to non-sporting areas designated for this purpose.

9. Electrical Equipment

Any electrical equipment may not be used except with the prior permission of the Centre Manager

10. Gambling and Gaming

May only take place subject to the prior written agreement of the Centre Manager as part of any appropriate or special event.

11. Animals

No animals, except guide dogs, shall be brought into the Tennis Club unless agreed by the Centre Manager.

12. Photography

Photographs or videos must not be taken without the prior approval of the Centre Manager.

13. Unauthorised Poster Advertising

Organisers of events and the Tennis Club must ensure that fly posting or similar unauthorised advertising contrary to local authority planning regulations does not occur. Posters must not be placed without the prior approval of the Centre Manager and the appropriate fee paid.

14. Lost Property

14.1 Valuables are held on the premises for a period of three months

14.2 Semi-valuables eg books, bags, sports equipment, are held on the premises for a period of one month.

14.3 Clothing is to be held on the premises for a period of one month. *

* For the purposes of hygiene, certain items will be disposed of immediately eg socks and underwear.

At the end of the stated period, any unclaimed item will be donated to charity.

15. General

The Committee and staff reserve the right to refuse admission without reason. Staff reserve the right to remove any users where a breach or suspected breach of the regulations has occurred without refund.

Any user is expected to behave with due regard to the building, grounds staff and other users. Wilful damage to the fixtures or fittings of the building or grounds shall be charged to the user or hirer.

16. All Courts

16.1 No food or drink, other than water in a sealed container, may be taken onto any court.

16.2 Appropriate footwear tennis shoes/ trainers must be worn at all times and must have non-marking soles which are clean and dry. Outdoor shoes are not permiited on any court and astro trainers are not permitted on indoor courts.

17. Specific Rules for the Airhall

17.1 Spectators are limited to the marked and seating areas in the air hall

17.2 Only one person at a time is permitted through the turnstile.

17.3 Chairs are not permitted in the airhall.

17.4 Lights must not be switched back on within 20 minutes of turning them off.

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