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Something for Everyone

Want to improve?  Want to become a member? Want to get fit?


If you get bitten by the tennis bug you can have coaching, either 1:1 or join a course. There are different courses for different levels of ability and our coaches and Centre Manager can help you decide what to do.  If 1:1 coaching is for you then you do need to contact a coach directly, click here or again speak to the Centre Manager for advice. Visit the Courses Section for more information.

Club membership

Feel you just want to join the Club then again contact the Centre Manager who will explain the different categories or go to membership section and just fill in an application form. You can try out the Club by attending Club sessions as a visitor on up to 5 occasions in any one year for a £5/session Guest Fee. You will need to sign the Visitors book and be signed in by a current member. Guest fees are also a way for members with visiting family or friends to bring them along.

Cardio-tennis for fitness

If you feel like letting yourself go try getting fit to music at Cardio-Tennis. You will have a racket in your hand, hit sqidgy red and yellow sponge balls, run round cones and jump through ladder runs while you are listening to the coach's choice of music, think Mama Mia to Girls Aloud.  Actually you can't think after 5 mins as you concentrate on breathing (heavily) and laughing at yourself and your fellow fitness chums.  This is an amazing social event so click on cardio-tennis to join in the fun.

Drop-in sessions

There are some things you can do without pre-booking.  At the moment there is Toddler's Tennis for the very young, Veterans play for the .................., well 50+ and the Holiday Camps.  Click on a key word from the explore our site box for more information.

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